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  MSI Version RW Release RW Version Package Date
Latest Public Releasedetails 14.01.130 link 2014A 2014 Jan 13
Public Release software versions have:
  • General availablity to all customers
  • Completed full regression testing
  • Fully updated documentation
Current Beta Version n/a  n/an/a n/a
Beta software (or pre-release) versions are built for limited client exposure to new, partially tested software (built since the last Public Release). Beta software versions have:
  • Availablity only to a targeted set of customers
  • Completed integration testing of new/updated function(s) but have not been fully regression tested
  • Documentation updates in progress (beta documentation may be released to clients)
Current Alpha Versiondetails 15.03.110 link 2015A 2015 Mar 11
Alpha software versions are strictly for internal RW use only, made distributable for testing new features under development since the last Public release. Alpha versions have:
  • Completed unit testing of new/updated functions, no integration or regression testing
  • Documentation updates in planning stages
  • NO availablity to customers
Latest Support Tool 14.11.041 link Support release details: click here

RenWeb Release History:

MSI Version Package Date RW Release RW Version Beta? Public? Support?
15.03.110 link 2015 Mar 11 2015A N N Y
Edit Reenroll ProcessAdded an image upload button
LoginFixed slow speed issue when switching districts. (caused by trying to load data for a school that wasn't in the dropdown list)
Lunch VerificationWill now show the correct alerts for -visual option (was showing the cash register alerts - other types worked correctly)
Report CardCorrected symbol use for 'letter grades'
StudentAdded check for 'Parents Web Master View' security right, before being able to log in as a student
14.11.060 link 2014 Nov 06 2014B N N Y
Maintenance JobsNBit editor popup should no longer show up on the behavior notification edit screen
14.08.250 link 2014 Aug 25 2014B N N Y
ConfigParents Web screen - corrected to show 'branded' security items (given that the other tabs were removed)
14.08.010 link 2014 Aug 01 2014B N N Y
GeneralAdded code to allow Listboxes to be able to horizontally scroll. (eg Standards listings)
14.07.250 link 2014 Jul 25 2014B N N Y
EmailSwitching between Student and staff filter will now clear the shared checkbox for next year/inactive
GeneralReplaced Objectives areas with Standards selections (Skillset/assignment/lesson plan/master lesson plan)
Report ManagerBehavior Report selection screen now shows more than one item in dropdown list
Report ManagerHelp Demonstrations button now points to RWU
StudentBehavior edit screen now has an option to carbon student
14.02.240 link 2014 Feb 24 2014A N N Y
ClassCorrects use of international characters when creating class sections
LoginCorrects '0' in passwords to count as a number when logging in (for purposes of confirming alpha/numeric password)
14.02.110 link 2014 Feb 11 2014A N N Y
ConfigApply button now activates when entering a custom Mobile Web Form
ConfigMobile branding button now moves with the PW branding button
Report CardStandardized Report Card Student screen to use 3 decimal places (matching RC-Class screen)
Report ManagerReport Card - Encode message for 'emailed reports'
StudentWhen creating a new advising note, date will be the date from the computer (rather than of last line selected)
14.02.070 link 2014 Feb 07 2014A N N Y
Cash RegisterCorrected use of 'return' button (negative items) for proper processing
ConfigAdded a button for branded Home App
ConfigAdded a Field for a custom mobile web form
ConfigCorrected use of Accented characters in Comment Code Configuration screen
14.01.130 link 2014 Jan 13 2014A N Y Y
Report ManagerReplaced Page Break logic for current browser compatibility
14.01.030 link 2014 Jan 03 2014A N N Y
AccountingRecompiled to correct MFC error when leaving recurring charge screen
GradeBookRemoved logic for Standards (Not Releasing at this time)
13.12.160 link 2013 Dec 16 2013 SummerB N N Y
AttendanceCorrected 'Print Grid' for moddern browsers (close tr in incorrect location relative to loop)
ConfigAttendance Notification now updates variable list when the 'type' is selected. - shows that the class name is only available for the 'individual class' option
ConfigGrid Edit - Corrected an issue where the program could use the incorrect field type, preventing or allowing the keyboard to be used when it should not have.
GradeBookAdded logic for 'Standards' selection (replacing Objectives) >> Do not give this to anyone who uses objectives (will be converted, but not at this time)
13.12.100 link 2013 Dec 10 2013 SummerB N Y Y
AccountingCorrection for errant browser popup when using payment screen
miscchange of gradebook to grade book on loag grades from grade book DB task
13.12.020 link 2013 Dec 02 2013 SummerB N Y Y
ConfigReport Card Automatic Load will now disable the decimal places box when on an option that doesn't use that field.
Report CardCodes button on the 'skill' tab will now display the same values as those appearing from the 'grades' tab
Report CardRC-Student has had its columns widened, so that it can display the same number of decimal places as the RC-Class screen
Report CardSkillset Comments with line breaks will now load properly
Report ManagerAdded new options to class selection screen (template/pattern/schedule day/time)
ScheduleUser Defined class list will now show the correct name after selecting a UD Class List option
13.10.110 link 2013 Oct 11 2013 SummerB N Y Y
Student ClockCan no longer bypass the password entry by using the 'esc' key to exit the 'pickups' screen
13.09.130 link 2013 Sep 13 2013 SummerB N N Y
CoursesAdded 'stateid' to the skillset screen
SchedulerCorrected tab order on the Day Setup screen
13.09.100 link 2013 Sep 10 2013 SummerB N Y Y
StudentsStudent Report Card now includes a security check
13.08.300 link 2013 Aug 30 2013 SummerB N Y Y
MiscUpdated Certificate
13.08.070 link 2013 Aug 07 2013 SummerB N Y Y
Report ManagerCorrected use of class/student/course/staff/family selection boxes when running reports from areas other than report manager
13.08.060 link 2013 Aug 06 2013 SummerA N Y Y
AccountingWhen creating new payments from the deposit screen, locks the deposit when changing families to the one selected prior to creating a new payment
Report ManagerArchived reports now pass the 'message' value (limited by length of the URL)
13.08.050 link 2013 Aug 05 2013 SummerA N Y Y
AccountingView of 'closed deposit' selected when opening a payment
13.07.230 link 2013 Jul 23 2013 SummerA N Y Y
ConfigCorrected 'Customer Support > Online Trainings' link
LoginRemoved 'manual update' screen access through double clicking on the background
13.07.170 link 2013 Jul 17 2013 SpringB Y N Y
ConfigX button on main screen no longer launches portal... it closes the program correctly.
13.07.160 link 2013 Jul 16 2013 SpringB Y N Y
ConfigAdded portal button to front screen for 'staff' users
ConfigMade Branded PW button visible on the PW and PW 2.0 config screens
StudentBehavior email screen now has options for 'Custody' and 'Correspondence'
13.07.020 link 2013 Jul 09 2013 SpringB Y N Y
ConfigRenamed 'Parents Web 3.0'
MaintenanceRenamed 'Pay Now/Pay Easy' and 'Facts..' maintenance jobs
13.06.250 link 2013 Jun 25 2013 SpringB N N Y
ConfigRCK edit screen: fix a timing bug that is preventing a template from being edited
MiscMinor correction for error label when missing information while running report card calculation
13.06.100 link 2013 Jun 10 2013 SpringB N N Y
Accountingfollowup to 4/9 update - new payment screen was shown when trying to view/edit an existing payment
13.06.050 link 2013 Jun 05 2013 SpringB N N Y
AccountingPrepay liability now shows for all 'quickbooks' settings, rather than just the QB 1 setting
ConfigPW 3 now saves as '3' in the config tables
13.05.310 link 2013 May 13 2013 SpringB N N Y
ConfigAdded support for PW 3.0
FamilyIncreased Family note length to allow for long comments
13.05.090 link 2013 May 09 2013 SpringA N N Y
RCKFixed problem with preview crashing/loading in pdf screen
13.04.180 link 2013 Apr 18 2013 SpringA N N Y
Report ManagerCorrected 'Automatic page break' for IE 10 for several reports
13.04.150 link 2013 Apr 15 2013 SpringA N N Y
ConfigAdded import logic for admissions/inquiry stidents
13.04.090 link 2013 Apr 09 2013 SpringA N N Y
AccountingChanging the family on the 'record payment' screen when editing a payment will create a new payment, rather than replacing the old one.
Report CardCorrected 'fill' use for 'single grade per year' skillsets
Report Card'Fill' logic on Report Card and Skill Set screens now affects only items without grades
Report ManagerAdded logic for 'Print PDF' capability
13.03.210 link 2013 Mar 21 2013 SpringA Y N Y
AttendanceCorrection for 'current date not in term' message with term view, last day of term.
13.03.180 link 2013 Mar 18 2013 SpringA Y N Y
Report CardCorrected an issue with saving long skill set comments
13.03.140 link 2013 Mar 14 2013 SpringA Y N Y
:ccountingAdded flag for QB users: Prepay Liability Account
13.03.110 link 2013 Mar 11 2013 SpringA N N Y
Cash RegisterCorrection for 'transaction grouping' with more than 5 different items are ordered
CoursesFilter options no longer duplicate when a course is saved
EmailCorrected Filter usage for international schools
FamilyParent SSN can now take non-US values
Report CardCorrected a problem found with typing comments when multiple letters were typed in before the screen loads
Report CardSkillsets will no longer 'clear' the comment when typing in a new comment (old logic)
StaffCorrected Ethnicity + button on staff screen
StaffCorrected problem with staff address not saving
SupportSupport Chat button now goes to the current support chat screen
13.01.151 link 2013 Jan 15 2012 WinterA N N Y
RegAdminAdjusted the Year Dropdown box on the main screen to allow for 500 years (up from the previous 100)
13.01.150 link 2013 Jan 15 2012 WinterA N N Y
ConfigAdded 'TextArea' type to webform - limit on text saved increased to 4000 (note that most renweb items have shorter restrictions when approved)
13.01.030 link 2013 Jan 03 2012 WinterA N N Y
ConfigClass Rank/Honors screen - Print button now pulls browser window rather than saving/loading from desktop
ConfigHelp button for Facts Maintenance Tab is now separate from help button on Pay Easy/Now Maintenance Job
StudentMinor Label change (inquiry admissions status in student filter)
StudentMinor Label changes (Family Screen, Preference edit screen, 'email grade book progress report')
12.11.070 link 2012 Nov 07 2011 WinterF Y N Y
AccountingAccounting Summary report - Increased max number of categories handled from 1000 to 2500
AccountingCreate General Charge will now properly handle items using symbols in the description
LoginChanged from using to using to prevent loss of service in future DoS attacks
Report CardChanged a setting, to allow for foreign language characters in the skillset grade entry screen
Report ManagerAdded help button code for the accounting family selection screen
Report ManagerFixed problem where canceling the progress report setup screen would still send to the carbon staff person
StudentsAdded a security modify check on the buttons for 'change' username/password in the Family/Student screens
12.09.250 link 2012 Sep 25 2011 WinterF N N Y
Data ImportAdded PS,ELEM,MS,HS to staff import
12.09.200 link 2012 Sep 20 2011 WinterE Y N Y
(general)Minor label changes (Renweb Setup, Medical, Web Forms, Textbook checkin/out)
AccountingDisabled ability for a closed QB deposit to be re-opened.
AccountingQB deposit screen now cannot edit payments for a closed deposit from the 'all' selection group.
ConfigFixed alpha ordering on the members list when a name includes a symbol (webforms/calendar)
ConfigHelp Button on parents web calendar screen now goes to a different location than the help button on gradebook web calendar
ConfigRemoved Web Payment item type from the webform area (not used)
EmailSaving an email template when a template is already selected will prompt before overwriting (allowing a copy to be created)
GBKAdded Mark as Test option to the assignment setup screen
SecurityFixed problem where 0 was not counting as a number for purposes of entering an alphanumeric password
StaffEmergency Contact screen for staff will now respond to the Staff modify right, rather than the student modify right
12.09.180 link 2012 Sep 18 2011 WinterE N N Y
ConfigAdded imports for Community Service, Race, and the religiondates
12.09.050 link 2012 Sep 05 2011 WinterD Y N Y
AccountingCorrection for QB: deposit screen, record payment button
EmailRemoved access to the 'Family' filtering by student for persons without the 'Email entire school/district' security right
12.09.040 link 2012 Sep 04 2011 WinterD N N Y
AccountingAdded handling for saving of the % in the name of a tuition plan recurring charge creation
AccountingUsers using the QB screens will now go to the correct screen when editing a payment from the deposit screen
Cash RegisterAdded handling for up to 100 lines of data (due to an issue with discounts of multiple items with long names)
Cash RegisterCorrected a problem that could lock out the barcode scanning feature upon initialization
LoginCorrected logic so that the password timeout can now be re-enabled
MedicalAdded a scroll bar to the medical notes field
Report ManagerIncreased maximum number of accounting categories in the Accounting Family selection screen from 1000 to 2500.
Report ManagerRemoved the Avery5160.rpt option from the mail label selection screen
12.06.200 link 2012 Jun 20 2011 WinterD N N Y
Cash RegisterThe 'student not found' message for barcodes can no longer be ignored.
Report CardThe 'Unenrolled' checkbox can now be used on the Skill tab of the Report Card - Class screen
StudentsThe Advanced filter for admissions now shows all 9 wait list sorting options
TranscriptIncreased maximum rows on transcript screen to 600 from 200
12.05.160 link 2012 May 16 2011 WinterD N N Y
AccountingDefaulted CatID to 0 when opening the edit charge screen to correct an XP issue. (always pulling '7' for a new charge)
12.05.080 link 2012 May 08 2011 WinterD N N Y
ConfigReplaced the Merge found in the Person Family Cleanup and Student Merge database tasks with a newer, more comprehensive merge
12.05.070 link 2012 May 07 2011 WinterD N N Y
(multi)Minor label changes - spelling (email, config - word Grade Book)
AttendanceCorrection for DST problem in week view on the week the time changes
Report CardCorrection for Semester 2 'AVG' loading when calculating numeric Sem 2 grades
StudentInquiry button on student screen now points to OA system when the Renweb Inquiry system is disabled
12.02.220 link 2012 Feb 22 2011 WinterD N N Y
ConfigAdded 'Parent Last Name' to usable variables
ConfigMinor bug fix (use of symbols in course titles - Pre/Corequesite area)
ConfigMinor label change (misspelling on broadcast message popup screen)
12.02.070 link 2012 Feb 07 2011 WinterC N Y Y
LibraryMinor label change (Web Browser > Renweb portal)
12.02.030 link 2012 Feb 03 2011 WinterC N N Y
EmailFixed a caching issue when sending the Auto Email Notifications
GradebookCorrected use of Offset with GPA when calculating sem1/sem2/final grade
ReenrollmentAllows editing of other school reenrollment records (student screen, reenrollment screen) only if the user has reenrollment rights to the student's next grade level
12.01.310 link 2012 Jan 31 2011 WinterC N N Y
(multi)Superusers will now see the popup specifying the Online Help area when that page has not yet been defined
AcctFix to Refresh issue in Acct > Charges General > Charges button, use of '>>' button, when entering the amt and description *after* selecting a class. (ST 53103)
ConfigSuperusers can now Edit RCK templates created by other users (including other superusers)
ReenrollmentCan no longer edit a reenrollment record from a school it is not tied to
ReenrollmentCan now see which school a reenrollment record is tied to
Report ManagerCreate A Report can now handle schools with a large number of UD and tracking items (ST 53228)
StudentsCan now see (but not edit) reenrollment records from another school on the student screen
12.01.101 link 2012 Jan 10 2011 WinterC N N Y
Accounting NoteAdded ability to select staff in Accounting Statement Notes
AdmissionsAdded a checkbox for Enrollment Fee Waived
AdmissionsAdded a quicklink email button
ReenrollmentAdded a quicklink email button
11.12.221 link 2011 Dec 22 2011 WinterB N Y Y
11.12.220 link 2011 Dec 22 2011 WinterB N N Y
11.12.211 link 2011 Dec 21 2011 WinterB N N Y
11.12.210 link 2011 Dec 21 2011 WinterB N N Y
(General)Minor screen changes for clarity
AccountingMinor screen changes (removed '-' from reenrolled in label on tuition screen
EmailChange made to allow for name changes of 'Auto Email Notifications'
StudentsAdded a 'deceased' flag on the family screen
11.12.160 link 2011 Dec 16 2011 WinterB N N Y
AccountingAdded ability to select a specific staff member when adding a charge/payment from the family register
EmailAuto Email notifications now have Parent Salutation, and have 'upper case' versions of the 'gender specific' pronouns
StudentsAdded 'Blocked' status to the advanced filter
StudentsAdded Finance tab for Admissions Students
StudentsChanged labels in Admissions screen ('Admissions > Enrollment' filter type, 'enrolled/pre-enrolled' > 'finished')
StudentsChanging Reenrollment status to 'finished' will set the finished date
StudentsCorrected scenario with person with 'Modifiy discipline(advisor)' being able to make changes to other students via the Discipline (view) right
11.12.130 link 2011 Dec 13 2011A N N Y
SIS ExportFixes some errors in calling the SIS export
11.12.080 link 2011 Dec 08 2011 WinterA N Y Y
AdmissionsMinor Label Changes
Login'Faculty' users will now remember the last school logged into
11.12.070 link 2011 Dec 07 2011 WinterA N N Y
AdmissionsChanged 'Block' status to 'Blocked'
Cash RegisterAdded a 2/10 second delay between allowed scans - Should help prevent 'double scan' issues
11.12.060 link 2011 Dec 06 2011 WinterA N N Y
StudentsCorrected a Refresh issue of 'grade level' on the Admissions screen
11.12.050 link 2011 Dec 05 2011 WinterA N N Y
11.12.020 link 2011 Dec 02 2011 WinterA N N Y
11.12.010 link 2011 Dec 01 2011 WinterA N N Y
11.11.300 link 2011 Nov 30 2011 WinterA N N Y
(general)References to 'Root level-' items have been moved into the 'Renweb\' heirarchy
AdmissionsOnline Enrollment features
LoginTS file, if present, will be cleared upon login
Student TrackingTracking notes can now take an 'enter' character
11.11.090 link 2011 Nov 09 2011 SummerB N N Y
Student ClockLeaving the Pickup Check In/ Check Out screen now requires a valid login. Without this login, that screen cannot be closed.
Student ClockMade the 'submit' button on the Pickup Check In/ Check Out screen more user friendly
VariousWith Support tool 11.11.090 or later, provides access to 'login as user' into Student Clock, Lunch Verification, Cash Register, and Staff Clock
Web TestFixed problem where the 'Num Graded' included the rows with summary information
11.11.010 link 2011 Nov 01 2011 SummerB N N Y
AccountingFixed problem with use of symbols in Recurring Charges Descriptions
11.10.170 link 2011 Oct 17 2011 SummerB N N Y
(general)Minor bug fixes
AccountingAdded a date range for viewing Family Register details
AdmissionsCorrected 'change to person with no grade selected' problem
AdmissionsTracking Grid now handles items over 50
Cash RegisterFixed Refresh issue showing incorrect school selected
Lunch VerificationFixed Refresh issue showing incorrect school selected
Report CardIncreased width of columns on Progress Report, to allow for decimal places
11.09.150 link 2011 Sep 15 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.09.090 link 2011 Sep 09 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.09.081 link 2011 Sep 08 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.09.080 link 2011 Sep 08 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.09.060 link 2011 Sep 06 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.08.120 link 2011 Aug 12 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.08.040 link 2011 Aug 04 2011 SummerB N Y Y
StudentCorrection to returning to the student screen from the 'Edit Status' screen
11.08.011 link 2011 Aug 01 2011 SummerA N Y Y
11.08.010 link 2011 Aug 01 2011 SummerA Y N Y
11.07.291 link 2011 Jul 29 2011 SummerA Y N Y
(general)Added prompt to select a school when pressing a button on the front screen before selecting a school
11.07.290 link 2011 Jul 29 2011 SummerA Y N Y
(general)Replaced 'Delete' person buttons with a webpage dialog, allowing further control of deleting a role of a person
ConfigWhen school is setup for the multi school environment, use the comprehensive Merge from the Merge person and Person\Family Cleanup DB tasks
StudentAdded an 'Add' button to the admissions screen
StudentAdditions to 'Other School' status editing
StudentChanges to District Wide All filter to prevent duplication
11.07.250 link 2011 Jul 25 2011 SummerA Y N Y
ConfigAdditions to the Curriculum/Graduation Plan to support a wider variety of requirements
CourseChanged layout of Prerequisite setup to allow easier visual confirmation of what is setup for the course requirements
StudentAdded ability to edit student's status in a different school in the district
11.07.150 link 2011 Jul 15 2011 SummerA Y N Y
AccountingAdded deposit link from payment screen
11.07.140 link 2011 Jul 14 2011 SummerA N N Y
AccountingMinor Screen changes(quickbooks interface)
Report ManagerAdded a 'Grade Level' option to Create-a-report standardized tests area
SecurityAdded an option to disable/enable the Forgot Password link for staff (appears after enforcing username/password logic)
11.07.130 link 2011 Jul 13 2011 SummerA N N Y
ConfigMinor display fixes when editing Honor Roll Configuration
DownloadUpdated links in Readme file
LoginAdded logic to allow use of special characters in username and password (*,%,$,&)
11.07.121 link 2011 Jul 12 2011 SummerA N N Y
SecurityAdded warning message to the enforcing of the username/password login
StaffStaff Security screen will now show ****** when a password is present
StudentsAdded Grade Level to Reenrollment screen data
11.07.060 link 2011 Jul 06 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.07.050 link 2011 Jul 05 2011 SummerA N N Y
(general)Minor Screen changes for standardization of 'Web form, Grade Book, Child Care, etc'
AccountingAdded a QuickBooks interface mode
AdmissionsCorrection for the 'send to inquiry' when pressed before saving/reselecting
ConfigAdded ability for schools to set/upload banner graphics, a banner background and a banner link
CoursesAdded warning method to student class transfer that skill set grades must be manually transferred
MedicalAllow use of line feeds in the Medical Events screen
Report CardStandardization of term/year 'locking' behaviour for report card calculation and skill set grades. (users with the 'Staff' program type override the lock - Locking applies only to 'Faculty' program users)
Report ManagerAdded ability to filter Accounting Familys using a balance range
SchedulerCorrected a problem when a teacher and a class shared an ID
StaffAllow use of line feeds in the Staff Notes field
StudentsAdded ability for a student to exist in multiple schools, with separate statuses (Separate 'Summer Camp' schools, graduate from MS-enrolled in HS, separate 'Online' schools)
StudentsOn the Academics Tab> Honor Roll section, the grid now loads sequentially, rather than in a specific row for each time frame (eg sem1 on line 7)
11.07.010 link 2011 Jul 01 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.06.250 link 2011 Jun 25 2011 SummerA N N Y
11.02.100 link 2011 Feb 10 2010 WinterC N Y Y
AccountingCorrection for display of acct categories in payments grid (when entered after selecting ‘use selected acct systems only’ and part of the payment was applied to a different system)
Configminor screen modification (Correction for label displayed for "list options" in web forms)
Report ManagerCorrection for "Filter Type" on CAR and in RM>Mail Labels, when user doesn’t have admissions right.
11.02.080 link 2011 Feb 08 2010 WinterC N N Y
AccountingMinor screen change (Alignment of bottom edge of the left section of the Accounting Defaults screen)
Cash RegisterCorrection of Tax calculation, due to MS rounding problem with decimal numbers.
ConfigMinor screen change (Web Form item edit screen - Added label for ‘List Option’ box)
CoursesAdded a refresh on the classes screen when the class is saved. (Course/section name changes)
EmailAdded a refresh on the classes screen when the class is saved. (Course/section name changes)
EmailEmail Editor Screen - User can now only see the Filter for Admissions students if they have access to the admissions screen
Report ManagerCreate-A-Report - Changing the Filter By to Admissions, then back to Students will now have the option of ‘Former Student’ listed, as it is when first opening the screen
StudentsFamily screen, add person button - User can now only see the Filter for Admissions students if they have access to the admissions screen
11.02.012 link 2011 Feb 01 2010 WinterC N N Y
ConfigAdded "UD Select" as a option for "Defined list" in Webform Item screen.
ConfigAdded District to version button
EmailCorrected problem with Auto Email notifications being locked when loaded after being saved with an image.
EmailCorrection for directory used for retrieving images in "Configure Notification Email" screen
EmailCorrection for directory used for retrieving images in "Configure Notification Email" screen
GradebookHide the "Allow Print" option on Web Test screen (not used)
Report ManagerCreate a Report – corrected ability to select inactive staff.
Report ManagerMinor screen modification (Accounting Family Select screen - Widened family list boxes)
StudentsAdded URL Cleanup to transcript saving screen.
StudentsCorrection for loading a student with a blank admissions sub-status after selecting a student with a non-blank sub-status.
StudentsMinor screen modification (Family Screen - Add/Remove student buttons)
StudentsPrompt for whether or not to change the filters when changing the year or status on the admissions screen has been removed. Will now *always* change the filter in these cases.
StudentsPrompt for whether or not to change the filters when changing the year or status on the admissions screen has been removed. Will now *always* change the filter in these cases.
StudentsTab Ordering set on the Family Screen.
11.01.070 link 2011 Jan 07 2010 WinterC N N Y
AccountingAcct Defaults screen. (now saves/loads with one call, provides defaults for some fields, and correctly handles the addition/removal of banner graphics)
11.01.030 link 2011 Jan 03 2010 WinterC Y N Y
AccountingMinor screen changes (Acct Defaults screen, Family Register screen
10.12.300 link 2010 Dec 30 2010 WinterC N N Y
AccountingChanges to acct defaults to support more options on the standard family statement
Emailst 39210 -Changed directory used by HTML Editor for images in the Auto Notification setup (images) to use the email/(staffed)/images directory when selecting an image to add –Used currently by the upload and image directory button.
Lunch Verification(minor screen change-District Wide)
Report CardLoad Attendance button on the Report Card by Class screen was appearing on the wrong tab.
10.12.160 link 2010 Dec 16 2010 WinterB N Y Y
AccountingST 39187 - Correction for balance column on family statement screen when accessed from the Deposit> Record Payment screen (related to Quickbooks mode)
StudentsCorrection for double clicking an email in the Email History table on the Admissions and family screens (school code needed for security right lookup)
10.12.150 link 2010 Dec 15 2010 WinterB N N Y
AccountingAdded back Auto Clear options on the Acct systems screen
AccountingScreen Modifications for Accounting Defaults and Auto Clear
ConfigRemoved ability to create new Auto Clear Maintenance jobs (old ones are still editable… automatic Auto Clear setup now done separately)
StudentsCorrection for the auto email send button.
10.12.140 link 2010 Dec 14 2010 WinterB N N Y
EmailPressing the Send Email button multiple times (auto email confirmation) will no longer send the message multiple times.
StudentsCorrection for status filter when accessed through the student screen. (was using old Admissions Status Names/Order/ID rather than the current set)
StudentsCorrection for the system standard staff selection when user doesn’t have the ‘staff’ program type
StudentsMinor screen changes (student advanced filter, General Tracking Screen)
10.12.100 link 2010 Dec 10 2010 WinterA N Y Y
ConfigST 39029 -Staff screen - Added ability to use international date format
GradebookRemoved the selection for grading type on Web Test (Manual is the default, and is the only method currently implemented.)
10.12.090 link 2010 Dec 09 2010 WinterA N N Y
AllRebuilt to capture .dll files missing from 10.12.080
10.12.080 link 2010 Dec 08 2010 WinterA N N Y
ConfigMinor screen change (Gradebook Maintenance Job)
MedicalMedical events will now save long text properly
StudentsAdmissions screen: changing the status on the tracking record no longer changes the filter type for the tracking items
StudentsWeb Student Inquiry no longer retains the birthday for the xth student when switching to a family whose xth student has no birthday set (blank)
10.12.070 link 2010 Dec 07 2010 WinterA N N Y
ConfigAddition to the Reenrollment Database Tasks list: Ability to generate open reenrollment tracking records for current students
StudentsCorrection for AE when changing an application record to "admissions" status
10.12.020 link 2010 Dec 02 2010 FallA N N Y
SchedulingDay Setup screen was listing 1-10 twice in the Schedule Day dropdown box
StudentsAdmission screen now changes the admission record status to "Enrolled/Pre-enrolled" when pressing the Send Student to Enrolled/Pre-Enrolled buttons
StudentsStudent Advanced filter can now handle General/Reenrollment tracking
StudentsWarning message for relinking a student's EC has been updated for clarification
10.12.011 link 2010 Dec 01 2010 FallA N N Y
AllUpdated .dll's
10.11.290 link 2010 Nov 29 2010 FallA N N Y
Accounting(See Bob for full details)
AccountingAuto Clear screen adjustments
AccountingPreliminary work for Quickbook Interface mode
AttendanceClass Attendance week view now shows Sat/Sun based on Day Setup
AttendanceCorrected SAT label on week view.
EmailMinor screen changes (Auto Email configuration screen)
Report ManagerMinor screen changes (Mail Label screen)
StudentsMinor screen changes (error messages)
StudentsRemove "send to enrolled/preenrolled" buttons from inquiry screen.
StudentsUpdated .dll with missing routine
10.11.220 link 2010 Nov 22 2010 FallA N N Y
AccountingRemoved errant popup window when selecting an accounting system in the Accounting Systems screen
EmailSlight screen modifications
StudentsSlight screen modifications
10.11.180 link 2010 Nov 18 2010 FallA N N Y
ConfigChanged Admissions Status Names
10.11.170 link 2010 Nov 17 2010 FallA N N Y
ConfigST 38315 Made Survay Instructions and Questions save unlimited text properly.
EmailMinor bug fixes for auto email.
MedicalST 38325 Allowed Immunization Compliance note to save special characters.
StudentsMinor Screen changes
StudentsST 38320 P/T Conference screen, Made Reason and Observation notes save unlimited text properly.
StudentsST 38393 Made Student Notes save unlimited text properly.
10.11.110 link 2010 Nov 11 2010 FallA N N Y
ConfigMinor screen changes
GradebookMinor screen changes
StudentsAdded Notification Email capability to Reenrollment screen Email
StudentsMinor screen changes
10.11.100 link 2010 Nov 11 2010 FallA N N Y
EmailAdded code to change the sender to the appropriate staff member after the email is setup
StudentsChange to behavior when an error is encountered when creating a new app/inq tracking record for a student
StudentsMinor screen changes
10.11.090 link 2010 Nov 09 2010 FallA N N Y
Student/EmailAuto Email no longer allows changing the send from person, if there is an email address for that Send From record.
Student/EmailCorrected problem with the Notification Email Confirmation email not popping up if gone to directly after login.
10.11.080 link 2010 Nov 08 2010 FallA Y N Y
Cash RegisterFixed a problem printing the receipt using the FireFox browser
ConfigDonate Online Campaign messages will now take up to 4000 characters
10.11.040 link 2010 Nov 04 2010 FallA N N Y
ConfigChanged saving method for DonateOnline Messages to allow saving extended messages
ConfigMinor error prevention changes to the grade level screen.
StudentsAdded abitily to quick jump to a student after creating a tracking record in a different year or status than are currently selected in the filter.
StudentsMinor screen changes (Web Student Inquriy screen, Admissions Student screen)
StudentsThe "Hide Inquiry" and "Online Application" flags now treat the 0 as a blank
10.11.020 link 2010 Nov 03 2010 FallA N N Y
(General)Recompiled to correct Yes/No problem
EmailCreated popup window for all "Auto Email Notification" messages
StudentsLinked the new Auto email popup window where needed
10.11.010 link 2010 Nov 01 2010 FallA N N Y
ConfigAdded the Inquiry default tracking system in GL setup.
EmailMinor screen changes (Auto Email – Notification Email)
Report ManagerAdded Admissions options in CAR and Mail Labels
StudentsAdded a button on student screen for "Inquiry"
StudentsInquiry buttons on main Admissions menu can now be hidden via a configuration setting
StudentsMinor screen changes (Auto Email – Notification Email)
StudentsOnly one inq/app tracking record is now allowed per student per year (due to screen changes in the program)
10.10.280 link 2010 Oct 28 2010 FallA N N Y
StudentsChanges to the Admissions/Inquiry screen.
10.10.250 link 2010 Oct 25 2010 FallA Y N Y
(General)Corrected problem with screens with a Yes/No answer.
Report ManagerAdded new filters to the Create-A-Report and Mail Label screen.
StudentsDate/Time fields can now be manually set for app/inq records
StudentsMinor bug fixes in Application screen
10.10.220 link 2010 Oct 22 2010 FallA Y N Y
Cash RegisterChanging the selected person in the list on the left was not correctly changing the person highlighted in that list. (data was otherwise pulling properly for the selected person) - ST 37296
StudentsChanges to make the previous 'system' items available in Tracking configuration
StudentsMinor screen changes
StudentsTracking now has definable Data Types, including a Defined List Select option.
10.10.150 link 2010 Oct 15 2010 FallA N N Y
AttendanceClass Attendance- Seating Chart will now no longer show the student name with Lower Case.
GradebookMinor screen changes
Report ManagerCorrected problem with passing ClassID to reports from student selection dialog
StudentsAdded a security check on the Tracking grid in the admissions screen.
StudentsCorrected remembering of filtering settings on Student screen, now that there are more filter options
StudentsRemoved (student) from parent filter type.
StudentsScreen changes in Admissions section.
10.10.080 link 2010 Oct 08 2010 FallA N N Y
AccountingAccounting Defaults screen now has a help button. Also, the screen will go to the help for that page and exit until we set a cfm flag that the area is active.
ConfigCorrected the security right checked for the Re-enrollment tab
StudentsChanged the Admissions screen to look for an Admissions modify right rather than the Student modify right.
10.10.060 link 2010 Oct 06 2010 FallA N N Y
AttendanceCorrection for Seating Chart on Class Attendance screen. (rows/columns are no longer square... revealed a piece of code working on the columns with the row number...)
CoursesWhen enrolling a course from the classes screen and the Max Size is reached, the screen will now refresh with the list of students it was able to enroll.
GradebookThe Save and Exit button on the assignment edit screen was still refreshing the term from the front screen, rather than the term the user was working in. Applied same fix as was made to the Save button.
10.10.050 link 2010 Oct 05 2010 FallA Y N Y
AccountingCorrection to the "remembering" of the Accounting system Selected/All Accounting System flag in Family Register
ConfigChecks on values in the Configuration table are no longer CaSe sEnSiTiVe. (such as for Online Application)
ConfigMade the Donate Online option in the Config School screen usable only by Renweb employees.
ConfigRecreate Family names DB task is now only visible by Renweb employees
GradebookCorrected problem for Points/Mixed method of grading where entering an assignment grade and saving was displaying the incorrect number in the AVG column when the "Show Points" option was set. (refresh issue) - ST 36772
Report ManagerWhen doing the character cleanup before calling a URL, the space character will now be converted to a %20. (needed to address a firefox problem.) ST 36839
StudentsAdded AE column and column headers to the General Tracking screen.
StudentsAdded Emergency Contact and Transportation tabs to the admissions screen.
StudentsCorrected problem loading an Inquiry record school year.
StudentsCorrection for the "remembering" of the tab selected in student screen when user doesn't have access to the Email History tab (was always going to the Picture tab.)
10.10.010 link 2010 Oct 01 2010 SummerB N N N
AccountingCorrected label covering browse button on create charge screen.
ConfigAdded text to Version button
EmailAdded Warning when saving Auto -Email Message without a person with an email set as the destination source.
EmailMinor screen changes on Email Configuration screen.
RegAdmin / FacultyAdminChanged header line to just ""
StudentsCorrected bug changing from Email History tab to Tracking grid on Student Application screen
StudentsCorrected remembering of Advanced filter options
10.09.300 link 2010 Sep 30 2010 SummerB N N N
AccountingAdded To fiscal year when calling the Balance Transfer report
AttendanceCorrected refresh problem where using the Fill button on the Student Attendance screen when school is using Dynamic Day Attendance would not show the results of the day attendance calculation. ST 36684
ConfigAdded an "Ignore books checked out before date" in the Library Late Fee maintenance job.
ConfigAdded MSI numbers to the version button
ConfigChanged Degree information to a Defined List field.
CoursesMake CourseID tab wider
GradebookWording change on Calculate/Publish flags on edit assignment screen
StudentsAdded Church Merge
StudentsAdded OA quick-launch button
StudentsAdded warning when an OA school goes into the Web Student Inquiry section
StudentsCorrection for Student Inquiry filter
StudentsNotes tab now labeled App notes or Inq notes based on the selected type
StudentsScreen changes for Student tabs
StudentsTracking Filter will now trigger properly when a student is selected/ returning from + button.
10.09.271 link 2010 Sep 27 2010 SummerB N N N
StudentsAdded ability to access Admissions screen from the student screen.
10.09.270 link 2010 Sep 27 2010 SummerB N N N
AttendanceSeating chart now has 16 rows
StudentsAdded Inactive to "status list" wherever the student status filter is shown.
StudentsAdded Staff Groups to standard person filter by staff.
StudentsAdded Tracking Advanced Filter (Application/Enrollment)
StudentsCentered Ys in tracking columns
StudentsMoved status change auto email configuration to Admissions screen.
StudentsRemoved Publish checkbox from tracking items when not setting up an admissions tracking system.
StudentsSelecting a student will now cause the next grade/next status/ etc fields to show/hide based on the selected student's status
10.09.230 link 2010 Sep 23 2010 SummerB N N N
AttendanceWeek view now covers Su-Sa
ConfigStaff HR Evaluation tab summery report will now refresh when the dates are changed.
EmailNew Person Filter logic, allowing for more control
EmailRemoved Email to "Family" option from the "Email Gradeboox Progress Report (All Classes)" screen, as using that option does nothing.
EmailWhen saving an Auto-email message, if the subject and body are empty, it will not save the entry. (will delete if clearing something that had existed.)
Report ManagerStudent Select reports now passes a ClassID field, taken from the filter list.
StudentsAdded Interests tab on admissions screen
StudentsAdded Interests to Student Advanced Filter
StudentsAdvising notes now have an effectively unlimited length. Resized same screen to make use of extra space
StudentsApplied new filter logic to: Student screen, Admissions student screen, Add Person screen, etc
StudentsAuto Email subjects can now be up to 512 characters
StudentsCancel button from the Add Parent button on the family screen will no longer cause a warning message that it can't add the person to the family
StudentsCorrection to "none" filter on Admissions screen.
StudentsMinor screen changes to Admissions screen and Interests screen.
StudentsOverhauled the Advanced filter for Application/Inquiry
StudentsScreen changes on the Student Screen to have 2 rows in the tabs whether or not the user has Email History... extra space used for filter logic
StudentsTab area on student screen has been adjusted so that there are 2 rows of tabs whether or not the user has the Email History view right.
StudentsTransportation tab now shows Su-Sa
10.09.130 link 2010 Sep 13 2010 SummerB N N N
ConfigAdded school level access (security) to the Person Family Cleanup screen.
ConfigAdded security to access of the Parents Web Reenrollment screen. (Reenroll security right)
Report CardCorrected problem where Progress Report comments were being saved with the Progress Report Grades data.
StudentsAdded control over Tracking data access through security rights. (new right for Tracking Configuration to use + buttons, need Reenroll or Admission view right to see those areas in Tracking)
StudentsAdded security to use of Application/ Inquiry buttons on the student screen (Admissions security right)
StudentsChange to Add Person (e.g. Family screen> Add) screen to provide more functionality while also adding security on who the staff member can see.
Studentscorrection to Auto select when Filter/student changes.
10.09.070 link 2010 Sep 07 2010 SummerB N N N
(General)Added logic for the Dual-Enrolled filter
AccountingFixed edit charge screen so that if a charge is set to the student who is the last in the list of persons for the family, the person will pull correctly when editing the charge. - ST35061
AccountingMinor Screen Changes on the Late Charge screen
AccountingProgrammed Report button on Balance transfer screen.
AttendanceAdded warning message when setting Half Day attendance to a higher number than the full day attendance.
AttendanceHide Col 2 Fill Present button when a class is selected if the school is set to not take col 2 attendance - ST 34978
Cash RegisterWhen typing the student name, if a unique entry is found, that person will be selected. (as on the student screen)
ConfigAdded ability for users with Security Modify rights in all schools to set the District Wide and Dual Enroll security rights in the Staff > Security tab
ConfigAdded Donate Online (school/district) options to the Config School screen
ConfigAdded warning messages for changing the audience type in Webforms
ConfigAdded warning messages for changing the custom date range in Attendance Maintenance job
ConfigHTML editor in Accounting Maintenance jobs will no longer ask for a registration number when the view code button is checked
CoursesAdded the ability to use the District Wide button on the Class Enroll screen when user has the Dual-Enroll flag enabled.
EmailFixed problem where Gradebook Progress Report (All Classes) Email was sending the Style=0 tag twice, resulting in an error on app 7- 35658
GradebookCopying web tests will now refresh the list of web tests
RegAdmin / FacultyAdminAdded Auto Login for Staff Chat
Staff ClockWill now hide the Clock In/Clock Out buttons if the user selects a date other than today.
Student ClockDefault field is now the barcode field, rather than the date field - problem reported by MVCS-OK
StudentsAdded Grade Completed field to the Previous Schools record (Student Screen > Misc tab)
StudentsDouble clicking on the student schedule grid to remove a class will no longer cause all classes to be hidden, just those the student is unenrolled from - ST 35466
StudentsMade the "Unlink from siblings" flag on the Emergency Contact screen visible (allows students at the same address to be given separate EC/Pickup entries)
StudentsRemoved ability to save a discipline event through the "email" button when the user has only view rights - ST 34790
10.08.170 link 2010 Aug 17 2010 SummerA Y N N
ConfigMinor Screen changes (Admission tracking label on Grade Level Edit screen).
CoursesAdded ability to assign a room to a class in a specific Day/Period by Click & hold in the time table grid on the Classes screen
RegAdminMinor Screen changes (removed Product Demos button, ML from title).
SchedulingAdded ability to assign a room to a class in a specific Day/Period by Click & hold in the time table grid on the Schedule by Groups tab and the Manual tab in Scheduler.
StudentsAdded Tabs to Admissions screen. Changed "Application" to "Admission" where appropriate.
10.08.100 link 2010 Aug 10 2010 SummerA N N N
AttendanceAllow for showing all Staff lunch orders when more than 4 items have been selected through PW. (st 34362) (now able to order 10 items through FW)
ConfigMinor Screen changes.
StudentsBug fixed where a person with view rights to the student screen could unenroll a student
10.08.050 link 2010 Aug 05 2010 SummerA N N N
StudentsCorrected bug found where the User Defined Select options could not be used from the main UD edit screen. (Was related to the addition of Renweb System Defined List Selections to the Edit Grid screen.)
10.08.041 link 2010 Aug 04 2010 SummerA N N N
EmailAdded ability to remove attachments without leaving Email screen.
EmailAdded option to send to Financial Responsibility
EmailSubject will no longer be reset when loading a saved template.
MedicalAdded Advanced Student filter to the Medical screen
MedicalAdded District Wide option to the Scheduled Medication screen.
Report ManagerWhen printing report cards: Changing the student list after changing the Template/Grade Level override will no longer reset those fields to what they had been previously
Scheduling"missing" patterns will now only show 1 blank column rather than 2 on the Instructor/Course/Student tabs
SchedulingAdded a way to stop the Auto Select when scheduling an unscheduled class. (Pause Button on the screen)
SchedulingManual Tab, added logic to handle the "Study Hall" case, where there are more than 13 sections of the same class.
StudentsAdded "Email History" tab to student and Family screen.
StudentsAdmission screen: Added Refresh Button, added second Delete button (for Student), added Referred By Details
10.07.270 link 2010 Jul 27 2010 SummerA N N N
AllRecompiled - Components intended for last release went missing
10.07.220 link 2010 Jul 22 2010 SummerA N N N
AllRecompiled - Added ability for Word auto-correct special characters when copy/pasting: left/right single/double quotes, ellipses (...) and endash (-)
ConfigChange "Audience" in Web Forms screen to be "Data Collected For"
ConfigFixed problem found in beta where DB saved Email templates were not able to be pulled
ConfigFixed Webforms Audience list duplication when using the "save as new" button
ConfigRemove Email button on Staff HR Evaluation and Observation Screen.
CoursesOver-Enrolling a class will now give one Error message, rather than one per student, when an error is reached.
EmailAdded Advanced Student Filter to the student selection.
Report ManagerAdded Advanced Filter to the Student Selection dialog and Mail Label screen.
StudentsAdd Email tracking to Reenroll Tracking screen.
StudentsAdd new "Family Box" to the student screen
StudentsAdded Email and Phone options to the Student Advanced Filter.
StudentsAllignment of tracking grid fields
StudentsChanged Student Interest method
10.07.140 link 2010 Jul 14 2010 SummerA Y N N
ConfigMinor screen changes in Renweb Setup, system defaults screen - Family Name Configuration section hidden, as that area no longer affects anything
FacultyAdminMinor change of layout: location/size of new School Chat button
SchedulingAdded delete button, to allow the User Defined list of classes to be removed (on the Configuration tab)
StudentsAddition of setup for Auto Emails on Inquiry/Application status changes. (tied to the tracking system - from the tracking system configuration screen).
10.07.100 link 2010 Jul 10 2010 SummerA N N N
AllAll items have been recompiled to incorporate the "https" for schools on the new "" structure.
EmailAdded Message Subject to Auto Email Configuration screen.
10.07.080 link 2010 Jul 08 2010 SummerA N N N
EmailAdded an Auto Email Configuration screen (Admissions/inquiry)
StudentsAdded Auto Email to Tracking items
StudentsUpdated Inquiry records to allow categorization
10.07.030 link 2010 Jul 03 2010 SummerA N N N
Cash RegisterRegister buttons now Text Wrap.
ConfigAdditional items in Customer Support
ConfigChanged Degrees from a list to a grid.
RegAdminChanges to lower buttons on the front screen.
Report ManagerFamily Service Hours, Year option, was not working on schools with only 3 terms.
SchedulingLayout changes on the Template Setup screen to prevent confusion of pattern name/group
Student ClockRebuilt due to some login problems reported by TS (no changes)
StudentsAdded Country Code to EC/Pickup
StudentsAdded Education tab to family screen
StudentsUpdated Student Application Screen Complete
10.06.120 link 2010 Jun 12 2010 SummerA N N N
AccountingChanging the Accounting System in the Create Late Fee Charge box of the Late Charges screen did not have the correct list of categories appearing when the Browse button was pressed.
ConfigAdded ability to only enable Text Message Parent Alerts (international schools)
ConfigChanged method of retrieving RCK files to prevent addition of blank lines between every statement.
ConfigHide Parent Alert options in Maintenance jobs when school does not have Parent Alert setup
EmailAdded ability for only allowing Text Message Parent Alerts
GradebookAdded "Calculate/Display (progress Report)" for assignments, and the logic for the Gradebook calculation.
GradebookCorrected problem where Updating an assignment outside of the default term would not recalculate automatically when editing an assignment. (recalculated the term selected from the front screen, rather than the term for the assignment)
Report CardAdded ability for long Skill Comments
Report CardCorrected bug with comments entered for a "single grade per year" also writing into the Grade field
SchedulingClass copy was limited to 1000 options for the class/Assignment pairs. School was trying to copy pair 1191 of 1347. ST32236
SchedulingIncreased Class copy Class/assignment pairing limit to 10000.
StudentsDistrict wide checkbox default, saved to text file, could potentially allow district wide students to be seen on the student screen, if the machine is shared by someone who has that level of access.
StudentsFamily Screen will now always have the "Edit Family" label, even when accessed through the front screen and the admissions screen.
StudentsStudent Advanced Filter added.(Grade/Name/Gender/ethnicity/relative)
StudentsStudent Advanced Filter added.(Grade/Name/Gender/ethnicity/relative)
10.05.240 link 2010 May 24 2010 SummerA N N N
ConfigCustom Course request building screen had offset problems when a school had deleted a Course Selection list, other than the final list. (ID on the sub-screen was based on the row selected) EG: if the user deleted option 1 of 3, then option 3 would pull with the ID for option 2. This would make option 3 unable to be removed, and if saved would overwrite option 2. The ID on the sub-screen will now be correct when this situation occurs.
FacultyAdminChanged header bar to display "Summer 2010".
RegAdminChanged header bar to display "Summer 2010".
SchedulingLower grid on the Manual tab of the Scheduler tab always showed T1 data. Corrected to show the selected term.
10.05.200 link 2010 May 20 2010 SummerA N N N
PackagingRemoved RenwebManualUpgrade.exe from RW installation package.
10.05.180 link 2010 May 18 2010 SummerA N N N
ConfigCorrected size of Notes box in the staff screen to be the same size as the other tabs in that same area.
EmailReplaced limitation of the Phone Number in Parent Alert, used for recording and listening to voice Messages: now allows any phone numbers with 8 or more digits, rather than exactly 10 digits. (used for international dialing).
SchedulingPrint Schedule button on the schedule by student screen formerly did nothing. This now allows the report to print.
10.04.231 link 2010 Apr 23 03/08/2010L Y Y N
StudentsAdded ability to save symbols in the Standardized Test name and score labels. - ST 31473
10.04.230 link 2010 Apr 23 03/08/2010L N N N
AccountingRecompile required to pick up prior changes
10.04.221 link 2010 Apr 22 03/08/2010L N N N
CoursesFixed problem where changing the room and other data on the classes screen (such as the instructor) and then saving would cause the room to not save properly. (changing only the room/pattern had no problems) -ST 31445
10.04.220 link 2010 Apr 22 03/08/2010L N N N
AccountingAdded a "Save As New" button to the Tuition Plan Configuration screen to allow for rapid entry of nearly identical Tuition Plans. - PM request
AccountingWhen changing from a tuition plan which uses discounts to one which does not, the discount amounts from the previous selection will be cleared out. -
GradebookGradebook will no longer include M grades in the calculation of class averages for assignments - ST 31426
10.04.150 link 2010 Apr 15 03/08/2010K Y Y N
AccountingPrevious correction for month selection on tuition plans was causing the Due Date to not pull correctly (was setting it to the charge date) This update allows both the due date and the month labels to load correctly.
10.04.140 link 2010 Apr 14 03/08/2010K N N N
AccountingMonth checkbox labels will now update properly when a tuition plan is selected on the Tuition Plan Selection screen. ST 31225
StudentsStudent Schedule tab, Term selection box will list the terms in term order, rather than alpha order. ST 31205
10.04.080 link 2010 Apr 08 03/08/2010K N N N
SchedulingCorrected problem on Schedule by Student screen where the Course filter could not be used.
StudentsStudent Schedule tab will now refresh the list of templates available for the student when the student is added to a class. This will allow the schedule to be seen for a student that was not enrolled in the template without having to leave the screen and return. (especially in the cases where the student was formerly enrolled in no classes)
10.04.070 link 2010 Apr 07 03/08/2010K N N N
CoursesFixed problem with Linked Classes not displaying when the class section is selected on the edit classes screen. (was showing only links to the first x classes, where x is the number of rooms the school has)
10.04.021 link 2010 Apr 02 03/08/2010J Y Y N
ConfigTitle search in library moved up with other secondary filters
SchedulingMinor screen fixes - Day setup will now show todays childcare day type without needing to select the date
10.04.020 link 2010 Apr 02 03/08/2010J N N N
SchedulingCorrects problem where the saved ChildCare day type is not shown when selecting a date in Scheduler > Day Setup. (Saving of the Childcare day type was working, but could not be seen)
10.04.010 link 2010 Apr 01 03/08/2010J N N N
SchedulingRebuilt to pickup missing changes from prior releases.
10.03.311 link 2010 Mar 31 03/08/2010J N N N
ConfigOn the Library Configuration screen, changed "Advanced Filter" to read "Title Search" to more clearly indicate how that box is used.
10.03.310 link 2010 Mar 31 03/08/2010J N N N
AccountingOn Recurring Charges/Credits screen, the Due Date will now update when the Charge date is changed.
MedicalOn the Edit Immunization Compliance Rules screen, changed text to read "students" rather than "student's" in the line "This compliancy rule applies to students who ... (Choose One)"
10.03.290 link 2010 Mar 29 03/08/2010J N N N
ConfigCorrects problem where the + button next to the room selection option in the Edit Staff screen was not working.
SchedulingCorrects problem where the + button next to the room selection option in the Edit Staff screen was not working.
10.03.250 link 2010 Mar 25 03/08/2010I Y Y N
AccountingCorrected problem with accounting system IDs not loading properly when systems entered were not in alphabetical order. (This caused saved recurring charge configurations to not display when the accounting system was selected) (Also caused the Configuration button to not show the saved configurations for the Acct. System - ST 30770) Fiscal year will no longer reset to the default year when the Recurring Charge Configuration button is used.
10.03.241 link 2010 Mar 24 03/08/2010I N N N
ConfigLookup for RW version from Windows Registry
10.03.240 link 2010 Mar 24 03/08/2010I N N N
SchedulingFixed 'invalid row' problem on the Schedule by instructor screen.
10.03.231 link 2010 Mar 23 03/08/2010H Y Y N
AccountingCorrected problem with the tuition plan fiscal year not saving properly.
10.03.230 link 2010 Mar 23 03/08/2010H N N N
ConfigAdding fields no longer removes the name typed (grid edit configuration).
ConfigAdding variables does not change other setup changes made on Maintenance jobs
ConfigSaving punctuation in staff address no longer shows HTML code.
StudentsAdded + button in P/T Conference screen, allowing user to edit the defined list items.
StudentsPortfolio screen now has a progress report filter.
StudentsSaving an item on the Portfolio screen no longer shows the converted html symbols in the note field after saving.
10.03.220 link 2010 Mar 22 03/08/2010G N N N
Report ManagerAdd missing Crystal Report file NA-SC_StudentInformation.rpt to \RWuserfiles\LocalReport\Custom\NA-SC folder
10.03.180 link 2010 Mar 18 03/08/2010G Y Y N
Accounting(rebuild) Corrects problem with Due Date being set to the same date as the Charge Date when a tuition plan is selected for a student. ST#30575
10.03.172 link 2010 Mar 17 03/08/2010F N N N
AccountingCorrects problem with Due Date being set to the same date as the Charge Date when a tuition plan is selected for a student. ST#30575
10.03.171 link 2010 Mar 17 03/08/2010F N N N
AccountingCorrects problem where 'single' charges were not being created when selecting a tuition plan for a student.
ConfigUpdated 'Latest Version'
10.03.170 link 2010 Mar 17 03/08/2010F N N N
SchedulingFixed program crash when entering the Day Setup Screen as a person without district wide access. (screen no longer has a district wide option, as the day setup is by template)
10.03.140 link 2010 Mar 14 03/08/2010F Y Y N
ConfigChanged Version button logic.
RegAdminSidebar will be refreshed whenever user returns to the front screen. (will allow for user specific messaging in the future.)
SchedulingAllowed selection of which class to use when multiple classes are in the same cell. (Pattern view on the Schedule by Instructor and on the Schedule by Course tabs)
StudentsAdded Teacher and Pattern number to Student Schedule (terms) grid
10.03.110 link 2010 Mar 12 03/08/2010G N N N
ConfigDetails TBD
SchedulingAdded logic so that when the next year checkbox is checked, it will reload the list of students. (all screens) Also, corrected the Manual and Group tab to properly save and load the value for this file from the parameter file.
10.03.100 link 2010 Mar 10 03/08/2010F N N N
CoursesClass screen changed so that the template grid will no longer show the light blue (template text) for any areas except the First Row and Column (Day/time header areas)
SchedulingAll grids had their font reduced to Arial size 6.75
StudentsStudent Schedule Grid has been increased to take up more of the available screen space. Also, the term selection is now a dropdown box, rather than a series of radio options.
10.03.090 link 2010 Mar 09 03/08/2010E Y Y N
ConfigRenWeb Main Screen – ParentsWeb – Reenrollment tab. Click on a reenrollment plan to edit it. Program produced a CFE (Cold Fusion Error). Corrected problem so now brings into edit screen as intended to.
10.03.080 link 2010 Mar 09 03/08/2010D Y Y N
AccountingCorrect problem with Family Register button (RenWeb Main menu – Accounting – Family Register). Clicking on the button did not open the screen.
MedicalCorrect problem of program crashing when you click 'check school compliance' button in Medical.
Report ManagerAdditional button (between “Show Demonstration” and “Exit”) to get to additional videos in OLH. “Click Here to See New Videos in Online Help”.
10.03.060 link 2010 Mar 07 03/08/2010C Y Y N
10.03.051 link 2010 Mar 06 03/08/2010B N N N
10.03.050 link 2010 Mar 05 03/08/2010A N N N
AlertsDisplay on Cash Register, Student Clock, Lunch Verification, Student screen, Medical screen and the Teacher program.
AlertsMedical or Financial specific alerts may be added through the Medical and Student screens.
AlertsMultiple display options: visual, beep, pop-up until read and pop-up always
Homework Drop BoxStudents can electronically submit homework assignments.
Homework Drop BoxTeachers can access electronically submitted homework via FacultyWeb or the Faculty Desktop.
Re-enrollment & Tuition PlansOnline Re-enrollment and Accounting have been redesigned to allow for online re-enrollment payments to be required at the time of re-enrollment.
Re-enrollment & Tuition PlansTuition Plans selected in online re-enrollment will automatically be assigned to a student in the recurring charges area of the accounting module.
SchedulingAutomated scheduling and enrolling of courses based on student requests.
SchedulingConsolidated Configuration screen.
SchedulingSchool defined grade-level requests configuration to be made available on ParentsWeb.
StaffStaff Medical information may be tracked: allergies, conditions, events that occur, hospital of preference, doctor, etc.
StaffThe Staff screen allows for tracking of emergency contacts.
StaffThe Staff screen allows for tracking of notes, committees, service hours and parent preferences.
StaffThe Staff screen displays the staff picture.
StaffThe Staff screen has a Human Resources area, which allows for documentation of absences and tardies, behavior, observations, salary, and evaluations.
10.03.030 link 2010 Mar 03 03/01/2010H N N N
10.02.262 link 2010 Feb 27 03/01/2010G N N N
10.02.260 link 2010 Feb 26 03/01/2010E N N N
10.02.231 link 2010 Feb 23 03/01/2010D Y N N
10.02.230 link 2010 Feb 23 03/01/2010C N N N
10.03.221 link 2010 Feb 23 03/01/2010B N N N
9.10.290 link 2009 Oct 29 10/19/2009C Y Y N
9.10.190 link 2009 Oct 20 10/19/2009B Y Y N
9.10.180 link 2009 Oct 18 10/19/2009A Y N N
9.09.280 link 2009 Sep 29 07/01/2009J Y Y N
9.08.180 link 2009 Aug 19 07/01/2009I Y Y N
9.07.300 link 2009 Jul 30 07/01/2009H Y Y N
9.07.290 link 2009 Jul 29 07/01/2009F N N N
9.07.172 link 2009 Jul 17 07/01/2009E N N N
9.07.171 link 2009 Jul 17 07/01/2009D N N N
9.07.170 link 2009 Jul 17 07/01/2009C N N N
9.07.150 link 2009 Jul 15 07/01/2009B N N N
9.04.130 link 2009 Apr 13 01/19/2009N Y Y N
9.02.213 link 2009 Feb 06 01/19/2009M N N N
9.02.209 link 2009 Jan 22 01/19/2009I N N N
9.02.207 link 2009 Jan 21 01/19/2009G N N N
9.02.206 link 2009 Jan 21 01/19/2009F N N N
9.02.204 link 2009 Jan 20 01/19/2009e N N N
9.02.203 link 2009 Jan 20 01/19/2009d N N N

Support Release History:

MSI Version
Package Date Support Release Download Link
14.11.041 2014 Nov 04 2014 Nov 04
Database TasksNew School - seed copy -- Updated to use the rather than [district] for its call
14.11.040 2014 Nov 04 2014 Nov 4
Database TasksAdded support for RWU help files
Database TasksCorrected the Preview button, so that it now works for both old and new help systems
14.07.180 2014 Jul 18 2014 July 18
Project Tasks-StaffAdded individual user security configuration screen for those with the security rights to do so.
Project Tasks-StaffStaff Added security check for the ClockID - can be seen for 'self' and for those with rights
14.07.030 2014 Jul 03 2014 July 03
Project Tasks-StaffAdded a ClockID field
Service TicketsMinor optimizations (clock record load timing)
14.05.290 2014 May 29 2014 May 29
Service TicketsAdded a catch/recall for initial error in service ticket list loading. - will only show user error if failing twice in succession
Service TicketsAdded a catch/recall for initial error in service ticket save, - will only show user error if failing twice.
14.05.210 2014 May 21 2014 May 21
Project TasksSetup screen > added a configuration button so that the items can be edited
Project TasksTasks > Added a 'School Wait' status
Project TasksTasks > Added a time clock
Service TicketsGives a popup with url detail when getting into a specific invalid state (0 ticketid)
14.03.100 2014 Mar 10 03/10/2014
Initial LoginSet the 'Support' line in the parameter file to use '' by default (can be manually changed)
14.03.090 2014 Mar 09 14.03.090
Login'support' line in paramater file no longer resets to '' if currently set
Multiupdated remaining '' references to point at the site referenced in the 'support' line of the parameter file
14.02.280 2014 Feb 28 2/28/2014
Login as UserPortal/ParentsWeb/FacultyWeb Login URL is now copied to clipboard, allowing it to be used in any browser.
Support ReportsAdded report categorization.
14.01.090 2014 Jan 09 01/09/2014
School LoginChanged server used when authenticating the superuser password > for post 708 removal
14.01.080 2014 Jan 08 01/08/2014
Create Database Screenchanged processing to use [target]
GeneralCFE screen now gives a Yes/No option for opening in browser
13.11.070 2013 Nov 07 11/07/2013
Project Tasks StaffAdded a 'supervisor' field
Service TicketsAdded a 'Date Trained' field
Time ClockAttempts to 'expand' a clocking time frame will now send a request to management for approval, rather than blocking completely
13.09.200 2013 Sep 20 09/20/2013
Service TicketsWhen a school has merged their Donor Connect with their Renweb Database (upcoming change), this will show 'Donor Connect' as one of their schools, allowing selection of those people (eg tst-portal)
13.06.130 2013 Jun 13 06/13/2013
Project Tasks (both)Corrected service ticket creation to current method (populating submitted/responsibility/etc)
13.04.250 2013 Apr 25 04/25/2013
GeneralAdded files needed for spell check in ST email
13.04.090 2013 Apr 09 04/09/2013
Report SetupAdded options for 'PDF' printing
13.03.200 2013 Mar 20 03/20/2013
Project Tasks ClientsFixed bug with clicking not updating 'typed text' from list (item looks like it's not changing school to school)
13.02.080 2013 Feb 08 02/08/2013
Service TicketsAdded new options for 'sort' criteria
Service TikcetsMain Service ticket screen will now remember last 'activity' selection
13.01.250 2013 Jan 25 01/25/2013
Service TicketsChat Support now defaults the responsibility to the first person to access the ticket
13.01.080 2013 Jan 08 01/08/2012
Project Tasks Staff2.5 seconds after ceasing typing in the client list selection header, it will search for the first match which contains those characters, if those characters aren't the start of the entry (district code)
Service TicketsThe main service ticket screen will default to the selection of the 'customer support' option, which should speed up the initial load while keeping the ability to filter for all non-closed tickets
12.12.180 2012 Dec 18 12/18/2012
Time Clock EditAdded a 'Travel' checkbox
12.10.290 2012 Oct 29 10/29/2012
Service TicketsAdded functionality needed for 'Moodle' level security access.
12.09.060 2012 Sep 06 9/06/2012
Project Tasks StaffUn-hid the 'Responsibility Group' field
12.08.300 2012 Aug 30 8/30/2012
Service TicketsAdded color coding for tickets whose last contact was from the school (plus a legend)
12.08.130 2012 Aug 12 8/13/2012
Service TicketsAdded Status 'PM Review'
12.07.250 2012 Jul 25 7/25/2012
Create Database ScreenAdded a Check All button
Service TicketsAdded an action of 'Disable' - will be used for moodle/school shutoff, possibly other product turn offs
Service TicketsAdded Statuses 'Upload', 'Ready', 'QC Needed' - used for different stages in the conversion/customization timeline
Service TicketsThe Responsibility/assigned text items can now be typed into for selection (no manual entries)
Service TicketsWhen the Activity is changed and saved, the ticket will auto clock into that new area
Service TicktesSave/Exit button now stops the ticket time clock
12.07.100 2012 Jul 10 7/10/2012
Project Tasks StaffAdded a checkbox for 'Exclude Overtime'
12.07.060 2012 Jul 06 7/06/2012
Service TicketsSpeed Enhancements
12.07.031 2012 Jul 03 7/03/2012
12.07.022 2012 Jul 02 7/02/2012
12.06.293 2012 Jun 29 6/29/2012
12.06.292 2012 Jun 29 6/29/2012
12.06.291 2012 Jun 29 6/29/2012
12.06.290 2012 Jun 29 6/29/2012
12.06.281 2012 Jun 28 6/28/2012
12.06.280 2012 Jun 28 6/28/2012
Service TicketAdded Image handling capability to the Ticket Email
Service TicketsAdded a 'billable' column in the ticket clock, to allow for non-billable time to be excluded from the billable time.
Service TicketsAdded a new box for 'report/other detail'
Service TicketsAdded a quicklink to the front screen note (+ button next to status dropdown)
Service TicketsAdded buttons for 'client history' and 'recent calls'
Service TicketsChanged method of creating new ticket, to prefill some data, start clocking.
Service TicketsDate Started/Contacted/Finished, and Submitted by are no longer directly edited
Service TicketsMain List refreshes every minute
Service TicketsSplit the 'Service Area' box into separate 'service area' and 'action' boxes
12.06.220 2012 Jun 22 6/22/2012
Project Tasks StaffAdded a 'Department' field
Project Tasks StaffChanged time clock grid to allow 'new' entries to be added
Project Tasks StaffTime clock editing tool now has the dropdown for note one
12.02.220 2012 Feb 22 2/22/2012
Broadcast ToolAdded ability to create a 'popup' notification, as opposed to an emailed one
12.01.260 2012 Jan 26 1/26/2012
12.01.050 2012 Jan 05 1/05/2012
Project Tasks StaffAdded second note to timeclock tab
11.12.140 2011 Dec 14 12/14/2011
Database TasksMade correction so that the 'Source School' can be selected
11.11.090 2011 Nov 09 11/09/2011
Login as UserWith Desktop version 11.11.090 or later, provides ability to login as user into Cash Register, Lunch Verification, Student Clock and Staff Clock
11.11.070 2011 Nov 07 11/07/2011
Broadcast ToolAdded a 'District Selection' intermediate step when the 'Build Email List' button is pressed, allowing further control of the broadcast messages
Phone Support'Manual' entries now show the (support person) 'Submitted by' information on the Phone Support list
Phone SupportNotes entered on the 'Manual' phone support entry will now appear when the phone support is selected
Phone SupportRe-enabled the Subject column
Phone SupportRemoved Defunct AAQ button
Phone SupportRemoved the (no longer used) 3rd callback column
Phone SupportRemoved unneeded 'versions' columns
Phone SupportRenamed the 'Waiting' button to 'Release' to better describe its function
Phone SupportThe Instructions field can now be edited/saved with the Pending/Release button
Phone SupportUsing 'Login as user' now limits the list to the selected district code, as in other places in support
Service Tickets(re) Selecting the school no longer removes the person selected as a contact
Service TicketsAdded ability to filter on Closed with a ticket range and a responsible person
Service TicketsAdded checkbox for including the 'assigned to' and 'submitted by' when filtering by responsibility
Service TicketsAdded 'clone' button, to be used for splitting multiple tickets, or reopening an old ticket
Service TicketsAdded new default items in the Service Ticket Title dropdown box
Service TicketsMade change so that the District/School do not need to be re-selected in order to change the selected staff contact
11.11.030 2011 Nov 03 11/03/2011
Login as UserCorrected problem where 'logging in as user' was still using the support staffID
11.10.210 2011 Oct 21 10/21/2011
11.10.190 2011 Oct 19 10/19/2011
11.10.180 2011 Oct 18 10/18/2011
MultipleLogin as user now requires a text entry for the purpose of the logging in as the user
MultipleWhen logging in to a school as a super user, the ID will be -SupportstaffID rather than -1
11.10.170 2011 Oct 17 10/17/2011
Main MenuAdded Timeclock Areas
Project Tasks StaffAdded a 'security level' field
11.08.250 2011 Aug 25 8/25/2011
11.08.121 2011 Aug 12 8/12/2011
11.08.120 2011 Aug 12 8/12/2011
11.08.021 2011 Aug 02 8/01/2011
11.06.300 2011 Jun 30 6/30/2011
11.02.250 2011 Feb 25 2/24/2011
Database TasksSync w/Master All now updates App8
Service TicketsTwo new fields to facilitate Scrum meetings
10.10.290 2010 Oct 29 10/10/2010
Service TicketsAdded App7 DBs, 708 and 299 options to the Broadcast Messages tool.
10.10.260 2010 Oct 26 10/10/2010
Service TicketsUpdate Hosts file (see Post-Installation Instructions for details)
Service TicketsUpdated "Database Tasks / Sync with RenWeb Master (all)" to handle two SQL instances on App7
10.09.090 2010 Sep 09 8/4/2010
10.08.101 2010 Aug 10 4/27/2010
AAQUpdated to display the correct AAQ list when the user is a Var.
10.08.040 2010 Aug 04 4/27/2010
DistrictChange to the "District Table" area to allow the "All" and "app 7" options to work.
Service TicketsFiltering by a person with no area selected will now show any STs tied to the person, rather than just those included by default in the list of STs. (EG: this allows NSM, Documentation and Improvement items to be seen when filtering by the staff member without having to select those filters.
Service TicketsRemoved options for Quote/Development and add NSM in the filter list.
Support ReportsAdded "Change SuperAdmin Password" to allow users to set their own RW passwords.
10.05.111 2010 May 11 4/27/2010
Service TicketUpdate Parameter.txt to fix problem starting RW from within a service ticket
10.05.110 2010 May 11 4/27/2010
Service TicketUpdate Parameter.txt to fix problem starting RW from within a service ticket
10.05.061 2010 May 07 4/27/2010
InstallationCopies network file \drivers\etc\hosts to \RW_Support folder
10.05.060 2010 May 06 4/27/2010
BroadcastAdditional filter options in the Broadcast Messages screen
BroadcastFrom Name at the top of the screen will be used when sending the message, rather than the name of the staff member in Wilcomp with ID 3002
BroadcastLonger Layout to aid when creating messages using Broadcast Messages screen
Time ClockThe Clock In button on the front screen of Support will now Clock Out the staff member before Clocking them in, if they have an open time clock record.
10.05.030 2010 May 03 4/27/2010
InstallationAdded additional RWUserFile(#) directories to C:\Renweb\ needed for simultaneous RW desktop logins
10.04.282 2010 Apr 29 4/27/2010
Broadcast MessagesNow has the option to be sent to only those people with the Staff program type
Service TicketA new field has been added to Service Ticket screen for Program area. (Desktop/PW 2.0/Legacy PW/FacultyWeb)
StartupClock in/out records will no longer be automatically added when the user is creating a new service ticket. All such clock records have been removed, as this was causing that page to load slowly.
StartupStaff Clock in/out seen on the front screen of support is now limited to the past week. If data from before that is needed, it can be seen on a Support Report.
StartupThe Support Cache folder will be cleared out when the user logs into support. This should fix the problem where staff members are occasionally seeing an old list of phone requests.